like dreams I can’t remember

These days run together
like dreams I can’t remember
awake or asleep it doesn’t matter
always looking for the hidden
meanings needed to understand
what part of my subconscious
is represented by these strange faces
looking for the lessons
doing my best to learn them
yet repeating some and mastering others
missing lovers
each in different ways
good memories on some days
other times a heart full of…

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It’s true
I’ve forgiven most of you
the women who’ve walked out on me
the bosses who paid shit wages
everyone who took advantage and
knew it yet tried turning it around on me
made it look like shit I was doing
it’s true
I’ve forgiven most of you
but when I remember you
the only words that come to mind
are fuck you and it’s good
we never bump into each other
because fuck you is too short

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My New Blog!

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The bums lay
against the guardrail
wrapped up in sleeping bags
some of them keeping warm
with cardboard and garbage sacks
they sleep soundly as the city moves on
the scent of donuts in the air
a flock of geese and pigeons spring airborne
when a city park worker dumps
countless glass bottles into a recycling bin
the birds make a sharp left turn
on Portland’s bright morning skyline
I look away from…

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